Sunday, November 9, 2008

turkey bowl: wizards vs. storm

The Wizards are the Turkey Bowl CHAMPIONS!!! Storm was undefeated all season and they beat them yesterday!! We are so PROUD of all the hard work of the players and coaches!! GO WIZARDS!!!!! This has been an exciting experience for Malachi's first year of football!! Jeff and I are so proud of him!! We are also glad football is a season and not an all year event. Although it was a fun ride, it will be nice to not have so much busy in our lives!! Congratualtions to the WIZARDS!!



Anonymous said...

Wow! So much fun. What a big stadium for those little guys! Turkey bowl today, cotton bowl in the future?

Amy said...

What a great 1st year. I can imagine it was a terrific experience for everyone. Enjoy being done. Next year will be here before you know it.