Tuesday, February 23, 2010

wood floors

We just had wood floors put in. We got rid of 10 year nasty carpet!! We love the way it looks. We are still in the process of moving back in. I'm calling it "early spring cleaning" as I am purging as I go. We are so happy to have wood and no carpet!!

ready for installation
carpet is gone
Ryan, Travis and Austin aka the floor guys
close up
by the kitchen
living room
by the front door

Saturday, February 20, 2010

malachi's busy life

Malachi has been busy with school and sports. He is in basketball right now and doing very well! He just had a folk dance at school where he learned quite a few dances that he performed for us! He is a busy kid!! The BEST news of all, though, is Malachi asked Jesus into heart this week! We are elated at his decision to follow the Lord! He wants to be baptized soon!

Malachi playing basketball- #9
Team name: TIGERS

Friday, February 5, 2010

makaelyn's 4th birthday

Makaelyn turned 4 years old on January 30th! Her birthday party was at Chuck E Cheese and she had a big day! I think she was a bit overwhelmed on top on being tired but she had fun! Her friend from preschool came along with Papa, Mema, Pa, Nana, Auntie J, Ray-Ray, Aunt Nancy and Stephanie. Thanks everyone for a great day and for all the presents! She's loving everything!

Makaelyn's first ride at Chuck E Cheese

Makaelyn and Victoria (preschool buddies)

excited birthday girl

Princess and the Frog birthday cake

Chuck E Cheese and Makaelyn

Makaelyn's new purse